What is my "Why?"

Today is the day, I am starting a blog to record my journey toward tidy. I have listen to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing written by Marie Kondo on Audible and have had my husband listen too! We are ready to purge!! Now we need to decide when, he is on vacation next week so that is looking really temping (and will give me more time to re-listen to the book). 

Tonight, I will be taking the horribly embarrassingly real pictures of our two bedroom house that is crammed full of forgotten items that quite frankly do not spark joy. I look around and have constantly blamed a shared laziness, busyness, and just not knowing where to start on the state of our environment. This book has challenged my defeated self narrative, I have stuff to deal with one item at a time asking simply one question, "does this spark joy?". 

Before starting this blog I had to define what our new space would be like, this has been difficult for me but as I look out across our stuff I am stressed, embarrassed, and overwhelmed. Starting with feelings I long for while home I think I have a vision! I want a space where my children play with their toys happily while I make a healthy dinner and listen to an audio book watching them happily build with Legos or even manage their fantasy football teams (I guess my husband is doing these things in my dream as well!). After this vision I have to ask myself, "why?", I want my family to relax and eat healthier meals, and again "why?" because if we eat healthier and relax we can better devote ourselves to building stronger relationships with one and other as well as our Creator. Why? I want to be a Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 type of woman and with that I need to create an environment where my ministry to my husband and children can occur. 

Creating an environment to minister came from an encounter with a woman at my church, she asked if I had seen the blog Raising godly tomatoes and encouraged me to explore it. I excitedly went online and found this amazing resource! I guess you may want to know why I trusted this woman? Well the truth is I have been sitting about five pews behind her family and love watching her boys as they sit, tallest to shortest and ALWAYS take notes! I may be jealous of how well her boys behave, we have three boys, one less than them but sometimes seems as if we have three more than them. I love my children but pray that their love for Jesus will tame their wild ways before they leave my house. To support this mission I am going to reduce our stuff to the click point; so that I may invest more time in every woman's ministry; my husband and our children.

Next post I will share the before photos and the resources from pinterest that are going to support our mission!